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For almost any business, maintaining a large-scale I.T. environment can be a particularly challenging task, especially with limited staff and shrinking I.T. budgets.

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Remote Monitoring & Management Platform Features

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software was built to streamline and simplify IT management, allowing service providers to operate more efficiently and focus on business growth.


Monitoring & Reporting
  • Intelligent Monitoring

Alerting A proprietary alerting system that generates smart, actionable alerts that you can trust. Tickets generated by our IntelligentMonitoring system include remediation documentation and best practices – designed to not only help you solve the issue at hand, but avoid future problems as well. Problems are also classified based on alert status and severity, so you can quickly and easily determine which issues require immediate attention.

  • SNMP Monitoring

Unify network device management through SNMP monitoring of network devices such as printers, UPSs, Firewalls, and Routers.

  • Network Availability Monitoring

If one or more network devices at a site is unreachable, our agents will be unable to report back to the Data Center, resulting in multiple tickets being created and assigned to you. Network Availability Monitoring allows you to consolidate those tickets into a single “device down” ticket.

  • Reporting

We provide our partners with a wide variety of reports and data insights – including technical systems information, asset collection, preventative maintenance, performance and application monitoring, and more. We also provide three Executive Reports:

 On-Demand Executive,

 Monthly Executive (short), and

 Monthly Executive (detailed).

Asset and inventory scans are also scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from user desktops.

  • Scripting
Comdigits provides an extensive library of pre-created scripts you can use to help automate tasks and monitor systems. No programming is required. All scripts are deployed through an easy-to-use visual web interface. Deploy to a single machine or across multiple sites on-demand or on a scheduled basis. Use scripts to standardize user configurations across any desktop running RMM. Download application installers directly from the Internet or deploy locally to consolidate Internet bandwidth.
  • Patch Management
Comdigits Patch Management Team tests all Microsoft Security Patches, whitelisting and blacklisting patches depending on patch behavior. Once tested, patches are deployed to client sites based on the policies you’ve established. Patch policies can also be established to automate the deployment of Microsoft non-security Patch policies can also be established to automate the deployment of Microsoft non-security patches, Apple patches, and patches for a variety of third-party applications.
Maintenance & Management
  • Endpoint Protection
Scheduled anti-virus installation checks and definition updates are available for many AV applications.
  • Client Communicator
An app that runs in the system tray and improves client communication and support – allowing you to synchronize newsfeeds, send instant messages and integrate scripts to provide users with tools to fix problems on demand. It also integrates with our Help Desk, so users can request help via chat rather than over the phone.

It also integrates with our Help Desk, so users can request help via chat rather than over the phone.
  • Mobile App
With the end user app, users can access their machines remotely (through LogMeIn). The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Service Level

  • Help Desk is available for sites that are using Elite Server Care.
  • All hours are based on your client’s local time zone. 
  • After Hours only applies to MSPs who provide daytime support themselves and choose Comdigits to deliver extended support at night, on weekends, and during holidays. After hours coverage is not applicable to full-time workers on second or third shifts 
  • 24 x 7 Coverage is for single shift workers who need extra support during off hours such as nights, weekends, and holidays. 24 x 7 Coverage is per end client and does not apply to use of a single machine shared by multiple shifts.
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